Tuesday a Black man named Alton Sterling was shot to death during an altercation with police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So of course there has been no shortage of media spin and hate directed at the two officers involved. Wednesday federal officials announced the FBI/DOJ would be leading the investigation. 

     I can’t tell you if these two officers handled this situation properly or not. That’s why Law Enforcement agencies have a Department of Internal Affairs and a reason we have a judicial system. I trust these institutions to properly carry out their roles. There is simply not enough information for me to make a definitive conclusion at this point. Yet I know for a fact they are innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of how this case turns out it will not effect my perception of law enforcement in general. The same can be said about the death of Philando Castile in Minnesota on Wednesday, for which the Democrat Governor Mark Dayton has requested a Federal investigation. What happened to Castile is a little less clear. Unlike Sterling, Castile had no substantial criminal history. It sounds like he was reaching for his id and the cop (an Asian man/minority, since everyone is obsessed with race now) thought he was reaching for a weapon, so he shot him. The video doesn’t show the actual shooting taking place.

     Dayton was quick to jump the gun Thusrday and accuse the officer of racism, rather than waiting for evidence. “Would this have happened if the driver and the passengers where white? I don’t think it would have. This kind of racism exists and it’s incumbent on all of us to vow and ensure that it doesn’t continue to happen,” he claimed. 

     If Sterling and Castile were White would this be national news? Probably not. I’ll take a shot in the dark and guess that you don’t know who Dylan Noble is. On June 25th Fresno Police killed Noble, an unarmed White man, during a high speed chase that ended at a gas station. The officers had good reason to believe he was armed, I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberal media and Democrat politicians.

     According to Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire Alton Sterling was a sex offender, father to five kids with different mothers, had been convicted of drug and weapons charges, and was illegally carrying a handgun at the time of his death. A coworker argued with me last night that “it doesn’t matter that he had a criminal record.” But it does matter. If a suspect has a violent criminal history, apprehending that individual is much more likely to be dangerous for the arresting officer(s). I’m not saying he deserved to die, but these are facts worth noting. 

     What is happening right now is the same thing that happens almost every time a minority gets killed by a police officer or any other authority. Whether it was Trayvon Martin in Florida, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in New York, Freddie Gray in Baltimore or any other case; the facts didn’t matter. President Obama sends in his guys from the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department, making sure he doesn’t miss an opportunity seize more control over and further politicize state and local law enforcement agencies. There is no reason (other than political reasons) for these to be federal cases. As usual, Obama and his Attorney General are stepping way out of their jurisdiction. He also has a tendency to balcanize and throw gas on the flames of racial division, like in 2009 when the Black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested for disorderly conduct. Obama’s knee jerk reaction was a baseless comment about racial profiling and to say that the cops “acted stupidly”. 

     Snobby liberals in the media posing as journalists desperately push any graphic videos of the shooting, twist the facts and omit or downplay any evidence that might hurt their narrative. Then you have the out of the closet, ambulance chasing, cop hating scumbags like Jesse Jackson and modern day Black Panther groups like Black Lives Matter who eagerly wait for tragedies like this so they can incite violence and chaos.

     Most liberals seem obsessed with race, but I simply do not care what color a person’s skin is. Last night I pulled out a sociology textbook from college which said that, “On the surface, race may seem like a meaningful way to categorize people, but on close analysis racial categories make no sense,” and that, “The diversity of people within any one racial category is so great that knowing someone’s race tells us little about him or her.” Common sense and logic tell us that dividing people by race is just plain stupid. I don’t even like talking about race. Unfortunately Democrats are hell bent on dragging us down into the sewer of racism, where their party is deeply rooted.


     Enormous progress has been made for civil rights in America during the nearly 53 years since Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous I Have A Dream speech, and he would be so proud of that. His dream came true. I think King would be disgusted by the damage President Obama has done to the unity he worked so hard to build. Liberals want to act like it’s 1962, when Democrats where still oppressing Blacks. As Jeffrey Lord wrote at length some time ago, there is a rich history of Democrat racism and Republicans fighting it for the last 150 years. 

    For decades race relations in this country were relatively good until President Obama’s tenure of disunion. The fact that he has White and Black parents is actually pretty cool, and he could’ve utilized that as a sign of the immense progress we’ve made as a society. Instead he has torn us apart by our gender, sexual orientation, income levels, political views, race, ethnicity and religion. It’s class warfare. What else would you expect from an Alinskyite Marxist? His mission has been to institute the same big government socialist policies of our declining allies in Western Europe. In order to do that he had to intensify divisions among us that he could use to justify his expansions of power, and he’s been quite successful at it. That’s what statism is all about: divide and conquer. 

     When impressionable malcontents like   Micah Xavier Johnson, the psychopath who slaughtered 5 Dallas Policemen Thursday night, hear authority figures and influential celebrities such as President Obama, Governor Dayton, Jesse Williams, Quentin Tarantino, and others tearing down cops and painting them as racist it legitimatizes the feelings of animosity they have toward law enforcement. Racialism begets racism, and racism breeds hate. Obama has fostered an atmosphere where it’s more acceptable to say, “F**k the police!” and that’s not okay.

I wish a quick and full recovery for the officers who were wounded last night. My deepest condolences to everyone at the Dallas Police Department and the families of those murdered.

     George W. Bush was not a good president by my standards. Yet he had a unique ability to unify us, put politics and petty differences aside, and bring us together in times of tragedy. That’s what a leader does, and it’s the opposite of what our current President is doing. 

     So the next time you see a cop, thank them. Their day of protecting you probably wasn’t easy. 

Thanks for reading!

— American Exceptionalism 

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