Thank you Senator Cruz for fighting as hard as you could in this race and spreading your uplifting, Reaganesque message of Constitutional Conservatism. I sincerely congratulate you on being the runner-up to the presumptive Republican nominee for president. That is no small feat. I was blessed to have the opportunity to see Ted Cruz speak in person twice, very motivating and inspirational. I read his book, A Time For Truth, and it was absolutely phenomenal. He is one of the smartest men in politics. 

    I am proud to have been a small part of Cruz’s grass roots movement through the little bit of work I did volunteering for his campaign and the work I’ve done writing on this blog and posting on my Facebook page day in and day out. I’ve spent countless hours explaining my conservative/libertarian principles, why the Constitution is so important and how Ted Cruz was the candidate who most closely and genuinely represented those sentiments. Part of me wanted him to stay in this until the bitter end, but at the same time I’m pleased to see him bow out with dignity. 


     As Matt Walsh hilariously tweeted back in February, “You could ask Ted Cruz his favorite color and he’d give you a 36 minute answer starting with a lengthy dissertation on the color spectrum.” The Harvard Professor Allan Dershowitz was right about Cruz being “off the charts brilliant. 

     This 2016 primary played out perfectly for Trump. The conservative vote was split among an unusually crowded field of several candidates, while Trump has basically ran a third party campaign within the Republican Party. 

     Hillary Clinton slithering her way back into the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is my biggest fear right now. God knows we don’t need Slick Willy back in there lurking around, chasing females like a Whitetail in mid-November. 

       On a more serious note, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been this election. A Hillary Clinton presidency could mean the end of American Exceptionalism. The national debt keeps skyrocketing, our next President will choose Justice Scalia’s replacement – which could swing the court liberal and completely shred what’s left of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Russia and China are building up their militaries while ours continues to be weakened, ISIS is still a major threat and Iran is building nuclear weapons. I’m not saying America’s decline is set in stone, but 2020 might be too late for a conservative president to turn the tide. 

     Gallup shows that Trump has the highest negatives of any candidate since they began that type of polling in 1992 (the article I linked to is couple months old, but just Google his negatives. They’re insanely high.) Even on the off chance that Trump does win, he’ll still be a big government President. Look at his positions, he’s more liberal than Romney and McCain.

       The Article V Convention of States process gives me some optimism for the future. If we’re lucky Ted Cruz and/or Mike Lee will pursue leadership roles in the Senate, maybe try to dethrone Mitch McConnell like the House did to John Boehner back in October (which was unfortunately meaningless because they caved and elected Boehner’s prodigy – Paul Ryan). Remember that this election would not be of such dire consequence if George W. Bush and his Republican Congresses hadn’t tacked on $6 trillion to the national debt. The stakes in 2016 would not be so high if Boehner, McConnell, Ryan and all the other feckless RINOs had spent less time smearing conservatives and acting as Obama’s rubber stamp, and more time standing up to him like Gingrich did to Clinton in the 90’s. 

     Having said all that, it’s vital to the future of this great nation that Hillary Clinton is defeated in November. I also find it important to stay to true to my principles. Hence I have a decision to make as to who I will be supporting for President now that the best candidate is no longer in the race. I am currently working on an article in which I will very thoroughly explain that decision. 

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